About Us


I got the sewing bug from my meme when I was around 5. I took sewing in Home Ec, in High School. Many years of just dabbling in sewing and wanting to make quilts.

Early 2000 my husband Gary got me a lesson at Mr Quilts Studio. A few years later it was going to close. A student Donna G. bought the studio, and it thrived for almost 14 years.

In 2017 it was rumored to close again, and one of the Tuesday chicks walked into my life, and my lifelong dream of owning a Quilt Shop come true with Paradise Quilting.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1997 as a teaching quilt studio, with ownership being transferred to a student in 2003 and again in 2017, created the tradition of preserving and continuing the quilting craft, while helping to save memories and create new treasures.

We strive to be a “Quilters Quilt Shop & Studio,” by providing the necessary knowledge, tools, supplies and facility for new and experienced quiltmakers to continue the quilting craft.

Here it is our goal with each stitch to get closer to our paradise.

Vision Statement

We for see continuing as a brick and mortar to remain grounded to our quilting roots, while preparing to bring our business to the World Wide Web. We wish to continue as a “quilters quilt shop,” providing our knowledge, tools, and supplies to all.  Helping all quilters beginner to experienced create memories and treasures.

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